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Report an Unlit Streetlight

To report an unlit streetlight, complete the form on Cleco's website by clicking the button below:

Report an Unlit Streetlight

Home Improvement Approval

In an effort to protect each individual Homeowners' rights and maintain property values, it is required that any homeowner or group of owners considering improvement of their deeded property submit a Request for Home Improvement Approval Form to the Architectural Review Committee for approval prior to initiating work on planned improvements. Examples of improvements include, but are not limited to, exterior paint, patio covers, outside buildings, fences, sidewalks, and decks. If any change is made that has not been approved, the committee has the right to require the homeowner to remove the improvement from his property. Please fill out this form in complete detail and include a sketch of the proposed construction.

Home Improvement Approval Form

Subdivision Rules

The Maison du lac Owners' Association has put together a condensed version of the subdivision's restrictive covenants and basic rules for all residents to follow. Upon purchasing a Lot or residence in Maison Du Lac subdivision, you have agreed upon said restrictive covenants which run with the title of your property. Every resident should read the full set of the Declaration of the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (restrictions) for Maison du Lac which can be found at The associations goal is to ensure that all residents conform with the subdivision's restrictions in order to maintain a consistent aesthetic image for all homes.

Subdivision Rules


New Homeowner Registration

Please click the button below and add your full name, address, phone number and email address to the email. Be sure "Maison du Lac New Homeowner Registration" remain in the subject.

Submit New Homeowner Registration

Utility Companies

To assist you in your move and community services please review the following list of utility companies:

Water and Sewer
St. Tammany Parish Utilities located at Koop Drive in Mandeville

Garbage Service and Pickup
Waste Management


Gas Service
Atmos Energy

Electric Provider

Digital TV, Internet, Home Phone
AT&T U-verse
To place order, contact:

Southern Mailboxes & Accessories

Jean-Paul Gisclair